The USA Healthcare Reform and ICD-10 implementation led to the Industry boom of Healthcare verticals & Medical Coding. The transition will impact most of the USA Healthcare segment including Payers, Providers, Medical Coding and Billing Company etc. The Healthcare reform unlocked the thousands of opportunities throughout India and USA. The innovative changes will demand high volume of skilled healthcare professional to sustain the current business.

We Provides several of the skill development training (End to end Healthcare, Medical coding, Medical Billing, ICD-10-CM, EMR Implementation etc.) to develop expertise for the futuristic need of emerging healthcare industry.



USA Healthcare Basics:

In USA healthcare system the physician or healthcare service provider does not get paid for his services immediately after they are rendered. Majority of the patients have insurance coverage and details of such coverage are provided to the physician before treatment.

 It is the responsibility of the physician to submit claims to the insurance company in order to get paid for his services.

Submitting Claims and getting paid is a lengthy process and involves a lot of rules and regulatory systems and is very complicated.

fgh What Is Medical Coding?

Medical coding is the complex process of assigning the alpha numeric codes from the operative notes in order to get physician’s reimbursement.

 As revenue of doctors and hospital depends upon the Medical coding, it is highly sensitive and paid area of revenue cycle management. Medical coders are the skilled professional who process and execute the coding system.
















Get Involve with us: Medical Coding Training >  Way to Coding Certification

    √ 3 months program to enhance the coding expertise (Total of 30 classes).

    √ Hand on coding expertise development.

    √ Live day to Day Coding Skill Development.

    √ World class Resources.

    √ Medical Topic (anatomy/terminology) coverage.

    √ Flexible Time schedule 


Essential ICD-10-CM Training 

   √ 2 month (15 classes) program to develop the essential ICD-10-CM expertise.

   √ Hand on coding expertise development.

   √ Live  day to day Coding Skill Development.

   √  World class Resources. Free ICD-10-CM book (Soft Copy)

   √  Medical Topic (anatomy/terminology)  coverage.

   √ Flexible Time schedule

   √ Capture Transition and Business Impact of ICD-10.

  √ Detailed Medical Topic (anatomy/terminology) coverage.

  √ Live Case Study and Coding














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