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DRG Payment file //MDC file – 2013

DRG Description 2013 DRG 2013_Payment file
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EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT CRITERIA  Note: The following rule is applicable to USA Healthcare. Emergency Department must be within the 295 yards of hospital campus. Service must be provided 24 x 7. Doctors in ED, First need to stabilized the patient. On call physician can’t refuse to provide the ED services. Thanks, Jitu
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  ICd-10-CM GEM (forward and backward mapping) 2013_I9gem 2013_I10gem
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Physician fee schedule – 2013

PPRRVU13_V0215_02132013   RVUPUF13
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ICD-10 CM 2013

Neoplasm Index Tabular E-Index Drug >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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