Snays is one of the free blog site of Chaos healthcare founded by Snayhil Rana. Chaos Healthcare offer end to end solution for the USA healthcare segment including medical coding, billing, AR, ICD-10 testing, training and transition, consultation etc. Chaos Healthcare is innovated to offer the end to end ICD-10-CM transition solution in a cost effective manner. Chaos healthcare utilize the unique innovation (3T concept design) equipped with the rare data solution & expert consulting       to smoothly transition the ICD-10-CM/PCS/Healthcare reform. Chaos healthcare domain excellence enables to provide the unique EMR integration strategy for ICD-10-CM/PCS and DRG. We are moving forward with the great innovation and technologies (coding tools, EMR, GEM Xpen etc.) to serve the  end to end prospective of healthcare segment. Customization per requirement is also a key asset that we use to accelerate the healthcare practice solution.

About The Founder:



  Snayhil Rana, CPC-H, CPCO, BB, MBA(PM & QM)

  Snayhil is having more then 12 years of experience in end to end USA healthcare vertical.   He    worked   with top of the healthcare payers, providers and consulting firm like Genpcat, Ingenix, The Coding institute , Infosys etc. Snayhil is MBA in Project management and also CPC-H, CPCO and black belt certified. He executed & transition multiple of the healthcare processes like… ICD 10 implementation platform, DRG shift analysis,  State fee schedule, ICD-10 neutrality assessment, Inpatient coding, ASC out patient surgery coding, E/M auditing,  Coding software development/ transformation (EncoderPro, Supercoder etc.). Here we don’t call him boss…. instead we say him Problem Fixer.